ANSWER: YES ! ~ The contact link you submit at the time of your purchase for 5,000 leads and free website will be the way your prospect will contact you for directions on how you want them to pay you. Payment from your prospect is made immediately, and directly to you from them.
ANSWER: YES... Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
ANSWER: To receive your personal "Flip A Coin Marketing 💯 © 5,000 Biz Opp Leads Web-Package" with all its Bells and Whistles, there are TWO one-time Ca$h Payments to be paid. One to ADMIN, (request from them how they would like you to send them your One-Time $100 Ca$h Payment by sending that request here: ( flip.a.coin.marketing@gmail.com ).

And one to your INVITER. Simply click on their link Provided in the Coin Toss Area of this website to see how they would like to be paid.

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE for your $100 Ca$h Payment to ADMIN and your INVITER: A) 5,000 Biz-Opp Leads to help you generate sales. B) Your personal "Flip A Coin Marketing 💯 © Web-Package" with all its Bells and Whistles, C) 2-Powerful eBooks entitled: Flip A Coin Marketing 💯 © ~ Heads You Win, Tails You Win Again, and our FREE and PAID Website / Ad Submitters! to assist you in your sharing your new "Flip A Coin Marketing 💯 ©" business with others, D) Administrative Services such as... Answering your Prospects Questions and Turning them Back to You for the sale, E) Website Maintenance. Keeping your Website up and active, etc., Making your "Flip A Coin Marketing 💯 ©" Opportunity a True DONE FOR YOU Experience!

*  AFTER ADMIN receives your $100 Ca$h Payment to them, and a copy of the receipt you receive from paying your INVITER their $100 Ca$h Payment, Admin will send you your PERSONAL Website link with all items listed above. Then all you need to do to start receiving $100 Ca$h Payments and Free INFINITE Advertising from others, is start sharing YOUR new website!

To see our TALKING $100 BILL, click here: ( TALKING $100 BILL ).

===>  NO REFUNDS!  All products are digital, and all Ca$h Payments are paid directly to each inviter by their new prospect at time of launch.

ANSWER: YES! ~ Our Guarantee is: "If You Do Not Receive Back 10-Times What You Pay For Your Web-Package By The End Of 365-Days From The Date Of Purchase, Having Showed Proof Of Advertising Your Website As Directed In The "Flip A Coin Marketing 💯©" Sales Literature, Admin Will Advertise Your Website For You Until You Do!" ... (Refer To Terms At The Bottom Of This Page For Complete Details.)
ANSWER: YES! ~ To see proof of this, look below for ADMINS contact information for your prospects to call or email their questions in. ADMIN not only answers your prospects questions, but they also refer your prospects back to you for the sale!
ANSWER: Use ADMINS contact information below, and they will respond to your message within 24-hours. (Usually Quicker!)
We are available from 10 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday MST.
Closed Saturday, Sundays and Most Holidays... USA.